Banana Loaf Recipe

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Banana Loaf as a pudding

Serving Banana Loaf As A Pudding

In the winter months, when it’s cold outside and the trees are bare, we snuggle away in our hidey-holes called home and eat comfort food. When it comes to the right time of year to indulge in pudding, this is it.

The definition of a pudding, like the previous article on the definition of banana cake, banana loaf cake, banana bread or banana tea bread, (see ...Or should we call it a Banana Bread?)can be debated ad nauseum but there cannot be any doubt that a pudding, unlike a dessert, should bring you warmth and happiness on a cold day. If it goes well with custard, so much the better.

So, we just thought we’d point out that, if you haven’t tried it already, you should sit down one winter’s evening with a bowl, a spoon and a slice of fresh-out-of-the-oven banana loaf cake - and then absolutely smother it with the contents of a jug of custard.